Zoey Riordan

Software Developer

Whack Whack Terminal

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Whack Whack Terminal is an extension for Visual Studio 2017 and 2019 that brings a full terminal experience into VS itself. This was a feature first made popular in VSCode and I wanted to bring the usefulness of that feature into mainline VS. Many software stacks these days require using the command line to perform part of the setup (npm, yeoman, gulp, go, etc.) By providing an integrated terminal extra features such as clickable build errors and automatic navigation to project folders can be added.

Since creating this extension, I have worked to bring the roll this extension into VS officially. An integrated terminal is available as of Visual Studio 2019 16.6! This represents 3 years of work by myself and others to greatly improve the developer experience.

Rust for Visual Studio

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Rust for Visual Studio is an extension that brings Rust language support into VS. This extension leverages the language server protocol to provide features such as intellisense, quick info, and lightbulb fixes. Language server protocol support is a new features added to VS to make it easy to provide language support in many different editors at the same time.


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FLIF.rs is a reimplementation of the FLIF image format in Rust. FLIF is a lossless image format that aims to produce much smaller images than other lossless formats such as PNG. I chose to reimplement this in Rust because Rust offers strong guarantees of memory safety, something that is quite important in an image library since there have been exploits in the past that take advantage of memory corruption bugs in image decoding libraries.